Agromens is a private company, with headoffice in Bartolovci near Slavonski Brod (eastern Croatia). Besides in Bartolovci, we have our sales and service center in Vinkovci. With those two centers, we are covering Slavonia – main agriculture region in Croatia.
Our main activities are:
- import, sales and service of tractors and agriculture machines
- sales of different products for agriculture production and spare parts
- support and consultancy for farmers with agriculture production
- sales of cereal crops, mineral manures, seeds and protective substances as well as cattle food and premixes

We employ highly educated personnel for all aspects of our activities. Our everyday presence on the market and contact with farmers all over Croatia are some of the reasons of our constant development.
Lots of different producers of agriculture machines are recognizing us every day as a good and reliable partner. Our sales offer is increasing day by day, and Agromens d.o.o. is on the right way to become one of the most wanted partners in Croatia and the whole region.


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