Import and selling of agricultural machines and equipment.

About Us

Agromens d.o.o is a private company, with a store in Bartolovci, close to the city of Slavonski Brod.

The company’s aim is, from the beginning, the cooperation with farmers in Croatia and the surrounding.

Basic activities are selling and servicing of agricultural mechanization, a wide variety of spare parts for the agricultural mechanization, negotiating of agricultural manufaction, the repurchase of crops, forage food, gardening, pomiculture and complete production material for agriculture.

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We are general suppliers for some of renowned agricultural machinery and equipment. All of our employees are professionally trained for all sectors of business negotion, therefore we invite You to contact us with trust, we won’t let You down!


Rolmako machines are being used all across Europe by professional farmers, they are by far known for their quality and innovativeness, and it is undoubtful that they stand for the highest standards.


Agromens d.o.o. is a direct provider of the Agromehanika Kranj machinery. In our offer You can find the manufacturing programme of this Slovenian Manufacturer of field sprayers and atomizers.

INO Brežice

Tvrtka s dugogodišnjom proizvodnjom strojeva za poljoprivredu i komunalu. Strojeve proizvodi od 1957 godine. Brojni patenti su znak INO kvalitete i pouzdanosti.


One of the well-known manufacturers of mineral fertilizer spreader. Rauch spreaders are featured by their high precision.


Sinca 1967 ERMO produces ploughing and agricultural machinery for those who work in the fields. What makes the difference is the ability of its machinery to adapt to every mechanical and physical condition - even the harshest ones.


Pionir u industriji poljoprivrednih strojeva i opreme. Njihova strast za inovacijama i visokim standardima kvalitete dovela ih je do vodeće pozicije na tržištu.Pronar pruža pouzdane i prilagodljive rješenja koja podržavaju razvoj moderne poljoprivrede.

Our products can be bought in our stores or via phonecall or e-mail. The orders will be, in a short period of time, processed and sent to deliver. 


Yes, our employees are available in person at our store located in ulica hrvatskih branitelja 31b, Bartolovci, as well as per phone call or e-mail from Monday to Friday from 7:30 till 16:00 and on Saturday from 8:00 till 13:00 

Yes, our employees are professionally trained in order to give advice and recommendation about spare parts when taking into consideration the handling and service of the mechanization. 

Yes, for all of the manufacturers that we possess, the majority being at disposal in our warehouse. Of course, with the possibility of ordering and fast delivery of those that aren’t at our disposal.

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