Trailer PRONAR T679/4M

Dump trailer PRONAR T679/4M is a dump trailer characterized by low empty weight and a load box made of two bent, 4 mm thick metal sheets. The solid and lightweight construction is ideal for service providers performing work in parks, gardens or other public contracts. First of all, the trailer is irreplaceable on farms, gravel pits, stone factories, construction companies- in the construction of roads, bridges and buildings. The load capacity of 8,5 tons, four hooks inside and the attachment box allow for loading and transporting a small excavator and other heavy materials and equipment.


Standard version technical data
Allowable total weight 10850 [kg]
Load capacity 8500 [kg]
Empty weight 2020 [kg]
Load volume (with no extensions) 4,5 [m3]
Loading space 7,8 [m2]
Loading box inside lenght (upper/bottom side) 3540/3700 [mm]
Loading box inside width 2210 [mm]
Dimensions Lenght /width/Height 5380/2400/1560 [mm]
Floor/wall thickness 4/4 [mm]
Platform height, measured from the ground 1010 [mm]
Wheel track 1640 [mm]

Additional equipment

  • Additional extension 800mm, made of 2 mm metal sheets, with PLEXI window, rear swinging tailgate, Nadstawy o wysokości 800mm, wykonane z blachy o gr.2mm; z oknem z kratką i osłoną z PLEXI na przedniej nadstawie; ze ścianą tylną wahliwą; with gasket; with two fastening links; with internal and external ladders; increasing capacity to 11 [m3]
  • Loading case made of abrasion resistant steel 450HB HARDOX – 4 mm on floor and side walls, front wall
  • Swinging tailgate
  • Hydraulic rear flap made of barasion resistant steel 450HB HARDOX- 4mm (inner Surface) 325 mm high tiled down
  • Swinging tailgate
  • „Short” drawbar suport (UK version)
  • Tandem suspension with 2 trailing wingarms with 1120 mm wheelbase with fixed axles shafts equipped in drum brakes 300×90 (mandatory equipment for markets others than Scandinavian)
  • Hydraulic braking system with brakes on all shafts (mandatory equipment for markets other than Scandinavian
  • Two-line pneumatic braking system with manual braking force regulator with brakes on all shafts (mandatory equipment for markets other than Scandinavian)
  • Hand brake (mandatory equipment for markets other than Scnadinavian)
  • Rear protection, rigid (no vehicle approval )
  • Two wheel chocks
  • Tyres 19.0/45-17; 500/50-17; 520/50-17
  • Spare wheel
  • Documents tube
  • Non standard colours according to RAL CALSSIC codes