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Rolmako machines are used throughout Europe by professional farmers, and are widely known for their quality and innovation, and are also meant to meet the strictest standards. Most importantly, they have adjusted in price to our market. Call us and ask for an offer - you will be pleasantly surprised!

Short plates

The light disc harrow is dedicated to small and medium farms where low power tractors are available. An important feature of the machine is its short and low construction. The disc is distinguished by discs mounted on vibrating springs dedicated to light and medium soils. The machine copies the field surface very well and intensively mixes the soil with the crop residues. The machine is available in widths of 2.5m, 2.7m and 3m. The operating element is a disk with a diameter of 510 mm or 560 mm.

Grubers - 3 rows

The workpiece gruber is mounted on a three-point tractor suspension system. In two rows there are rigid tines attached to the grubber frame that cut and mix the crop residues. The roller coulter and wire roller enable crushing and leveling of soil layers. The frame of the gruber is made using shapes and flat bars; however, the wire roller is made of flat rods or tubes with thick walls. The machine can be equipped with spiral or spring protection. Stubble units are available in four working widths, 2.1 m, 2.6 m, 3.0 m and 3.9 m. As an option, it is possible to install a subsequent seed drill.


The multi-purpose tillage cultivator is a combination of tillage tools without plowing. The machine is an alternative to the plow. Thanks to its structure, it provides flexibility in the depth of processing from 5 cm to 25 cm. A wide range of applications includes shallow stubble cultivation, intensive mixing of plant residues with the soil at medium depths and deeper soil loosening. This is achieved by the fact that different coulters are used. The machine ensures stable operation at a given depth, thorough mixing of crop residues and soil aeration. The ripper is available in two protective versions: a spring beam or a non-stop spring.

Seeder short

The short seed drill is designed for seed treatment. It is used for loosening the topsoil, breaking up and crushing lumps of crusty soil in the field and compacting the soil to improve water infiltration. The unit is especially useful for crops that need a flat field surface. The small and compact construction of the machine leads to the center of gravity in the optimal position, which allows use even with a tractor with a lower load capacity. Thanks to their light weight, these large-width machines can be connected to a three-point wheel system in a tractor.

Seeder 2-4 row

The seed drill is a proposal for a machine intended for pre-sowing tillage, which, thanks to the complete equipment, meets all the requirements of the farmer who wants to accurately prepare the field for optimal crop growth. It is a modern and cost-effective tool that saves the money needed to prepare the soil before sowing. Units equipped with a sowing coupling make powerful sowing machines. The machines are available in mounted and towed versions with a choice of accessories. Every farmer will find a solution that suits his needs.

Roller bale wrappers

The Z 559 wrapping machine is mounted on a three-point suspension system that can wrap bales of 1000 kg. The machine is driven through the hole by the tractor's hydraulic motor, enabling the rotary frame to start and stop slowly. We suggest two stationary versions of the wrapping machine, the first with a 500 mm foil feeder and the second with a universal feeder that allows wrapping with a 500 mm and 750 mm foil. The wrapping time is about 2 minutes with a minimum double the amount of wrapping. The wrapping machine is equipped with an electronic bale wrapper counter.

Towed roller

Rolmako offers 4 types of rollers for various applications. Cambridge is designed for growing seeds. The more aggressive Crosskill roller is perfect for shredding soil lumps. A steel ring roller can be used as an addition to stubble cultivation. Campbell, on the other hand, effectively compacts plowed soil. The use of a processing roller can be combined with other machines (e.g. cultivators, disc harrows) to reduce the number of passes. All working elements of the rollers are cast from spheroidal cast iron GGG50.

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