A wide range of products that include mineral and vitamin blends, protein blends, milk replacers, special pre starters and additives. We offer food for: pig breeding, cattle breeding, poultry farming and the like.

Pig breeding

BigPig - vitamin - mineral premix for fatteners

Premix intended for the preparation of food for fattening pigs. The structure of the premix is in microgranules and free of dust (due to the above structure, the microparticles are not separated in the form of dust when pouring the premix into the mixer and when mixing). The composition of the product, in addition to vitamins and minerals, includes supplements to avoid aggression in pigs (the appearance of care, cannibalism).

BigPig PREMIUM - vitamin - mineral premix for fatteners

An important feature of the product is that it contains a high concentration of amino acids (lysine, methionine, and threonine) that provide better growth as well as better food conversion (lower food consumption per kilogram of fattening). The source of calcium is obtained from 3 forms, of which 2 sources of calcium are in acid form. Acidic forms of calcium allow for better consumption and utilization of food.

BigPig ULTRA - vitamin-mineral premix for fatteners

An important feature of the product is that it contains the highest possible concentration of amino acids (lysine, methionine, and threonine) that can fit into three percent of the premix. This composition achieves better growth and better food conversion (food consumption per kilogram of fattening gains). The source of calcium is obtained from 3 forms, of which 2 sources of calcium are in acid form. Acidic forms provide better consumption and utilization of food.

SowMin - vitamin - mineral premix for fatteners

The product is ideal for sows in early supraspinatus. It contains an increased level of active ingredients that allow the proper development of as many piglets as possible. The product allows the sow to be in good condition during farrowing, which is extremely important to avoid problems during farrowing. One of the main properties of the product is the prevention of white diarrhea in piglets.

SowMin Lac - vitaminsko-mineralni premiks za krmače

SowMin Lac je proizvod namijenjen svinjama s visokim otporom i za vrijeme dojenja. Sadrži povećanu razinu aktivnih sastojaka, ali i aminokiseline koje omogućuju proizvodnju veće količine kvalitetnog svinjskog mlijeka. Proizvod omogućuje dobro zdravlje i imunitet krmača i prasadi, kao i brzi ulazak u novi proizvodni ciklus krmača (novo osjemenjivanje).

PIGOLINO - specialized prestarter for piglets

Pigolino is a micropellet-shaped prestarter. It consists exclusively of heat-treated and extruded cereals. The source of the protein part are easily digestible proteins (soy and wheat isolate, potato proteins). An extremely important source of energy in the product is a large amount of lactose (from dairy components). The product contains additives that prevent diarrhea, such as acidifiers, enzymes and probiotics. A special addition to the product is flaxseed, which has an extremely positive effect on preventing diarrhea in piglets. Pigolino is a special product whose function is to prepare piglets for weaning. If the piglets' digestive tract is well prepared (after solid food digestive enzymes have developed), weaning the piglets is possible without diarrhea, death, and other problems. In modern pig breeding, the use of quality prestarters is necessary.

Pigi milk

Pig milk substitute made from raw milk and easily digestible soy proteins. When preparing food for piglets in the stage of breastfeeding, weaning, and rearing up to 20 kg, it is necessary to add milk powder. In the earliest stages of a piglet’s life, their digestive tract is adapted to digesting lactose and other dairy ingredients. In these stages of development, lactose is an important ingredient in piglet feed. In addition to lactose, it is extremely important that piglets have easily digestible proteins.

PIGIYOGURT - Piglet dietary supplement

Dietary supplement for piglets prepared with warm water. The product contains easily digestible proteins, fats, lactose and other nutrients that are very easily resorbed in small piglets. The product also contains organic acids and additives for a healthier microflora in the digestive tract. Since all components of the product are soluble in water, the resorption of nutrients is much higher than with dry food. Composition of raw materials: whey powder, palm oil, lactose, soy protein concentrate, wheat protein isolate, wheat starch, soybean oil, premix, organic acids.

PIGO 4 - vitamin - mineral premix for piglets

Premix for feeding piglets with a content of 4% in ready mixes. It contains a high concentration of amino acids that provide great daily gains. The product, in addition to providing great strides, also emphasizes diarrhea prevention. There is a risk of diarrhea throughout the rearing phase of the piglets. Therefore, the product contains ingredients with active and passive effects on preventing diarrhea.

PIGO 10 - supplementary mixture for piglets

Pigo 10 is a special product intended for piglet nutrition based on raw milk. It consists mainly of milk components: milk powder and whey powder, thanks to which it contains a high percentage of lactose. The digestive tract of piglets in the early stages is adapted to the digestion of lactose but is not sufficiently developed to digest solid nutrients. That is why the source of energy from lactose is extremely important in the early stages of piglet nutrition. The composition of the product includes easily digestible proteins, additives to prevent diarrhea, increase growth and conversion (amino acids, enzymes).

PIGO 25 - Supplementary mixture for piglets

Special supplementary mixture for piglets after weaning. It is mixed with cereals to get a finished mixture. The product is composed of easily digestible proteins (soy and wheat isolates). It contains large amounts of powdered milk ingredients and easily digestible energy (palm fat, lecithin, soybean oil). The product contains additives that prevent diarrhea such as acidifiers, enzymes, and probiotics.

Cattle breeding

LactoMin 3

Vitamin-mineral premix for dairy cows is the basis for making a quality meal for dairy cows. It contains large doses of minerals and vitamins that ensure the good functioning of the cow's metabolism. If the metabolism is healthy and functioning flawlessly, milk production increases. The product also contains chelated (organically bound) forms of minerals that have an exceptional effect on fertility, but also on milk production. Extremely pleasant smell and taste attract cows to eat larger amounts of concentrated and bulky meal. Higher food intake results in higher milk production.

LactoMin dry

Vitamin-mineral premix for dried cows - is specially adapted to the needs of cows in drought. It contains an optimal balance of minerals that prevents many metabolic diseases (milk fever and the like). To avoid problems during calving and in the first lactation period, the cow should be well prepared before calving. The product is fully adapted to cows during the drying period and its use avoids most calving problems.

Incaps pro

Dietary supplement for ruminants. It is intended for feeding all ruminants, it is primarily cost-effective for feeding cows, and then for cattle, sheep and goats. Incaps pro is a slow-release nitrogen source. It works by gently releasing nitrogen in the rumen. It is made of easily digestible nitrogen which is coated with a special membrane for slow decomposition which decomposes in the rumen in a period of 2 to 10 hours and during that period easily releases nitrogen.

Inberg mlijeko

Calf milk substitute - is a calf milk substitute made from the highest quality dairy raw materials. It is a general trend in all developed countries for calves to be fed milk substitutes, while milk for calves is sold. In this way, a difference in price is achieved because milk is produced from a milk substitute, approximately twice as cheap as cow's milk. Also, a calf that was fed a milk substitute and a pre-starter is much better quality than a calf that drank exclusively cow's milk. The reason for this is that the calf, which ate the milk substitute and ate the prestarter, has a much better prepared rumen. The rumen is prepared for solid food, and the calf is fattened much more advanced than the calf that drank only cow's milk.


Muesli for calves (from 10 days of age) - During the rearing of calves, it is extremely important that the calves get a quality pre-starter in addition to the milk substitute. The composition of the prestarter for calves is important, but the structure of the particles from which it is made is also very important. Calfolino is a top product for calves that is very reminiscent of muesli in its composition. It is extremely important that calves take food of different shapes (stains, whole grains, pellets). Such a particle structure encourages better rumen development, which later allows for much better utilization of food. Cows raised as calves with Calfolino have a much better capacity to use nutrients because their digestive tract is better developed (higher utilization of nutrients). Also, calves raised at an early age with Calfolino have much better nutrient utilization.

CalfoMin 4 - vitamin-mineral premix for calves

Premix intended for the preparation of ready-made food for calves. It is very important to grind larger cereals when preparing ready-made food for calves. High-quality cereals with the Calfomin product can make excellent calf food. The product contains supplements to improve food intake as well as all the necessary minerals. In combination with the INBERG MILK milk substitute, exceptional results are achieved in the rearing of calves.


Vitaminsko-mineralni premiks za telad – je premiks idealno prilagođen prehrambenim potrebama tovne stoke. Pruža sve potrebne minerale i vitamine za zdravu stoku. Sadrži visoku razinu minerala i vitamina neophodnih za veliki rast stoke. Sastav proizvoda, osim minerala i vitamina, uključuje dodatke koji poboljšavaju unos hrane. Što je veći unos hrane, to je veći dnevni prirast.

BigBull Premium

Vitamin-mineral premix for calves - a premium premix adapted to the nutritional needs of fattening cattle. It provides all the necessary minerals and vitamins for healthy livestock. It contains supplements to regulate the work of the rumen, as well as high levels of minerals and vitamins needed for large livestock growth. In addition to minerals and vitamins, the product contains supplements that improve food intake. The higher the food intake, the higher the daily gain.


Pro Egg

It is a vitamin-mineral premix used in the preparation of premium food for laying hens in a percentage of 1.2%. In addition to providing low consumption, its amino acid and mineral composition ensures that the quality of eggs is at an enviable level. We will extract folic acid, which enables better utilization of calcium and phosphorus.

Big broiler 1.5

The product is intended for the preparation of quality food for broiler fattening in a ratio of 1.5% in the breeding period from the 35th day until the end of fattening. With its ideally balanced nutritional composition, it enables both large growths and the prevention of breeding diseases that can occur during this period of upbringing. It is necessary to use it at least 7 days before slaughter due to residues of coccidiostats.

Big broiler 1.5 cocci

Top premix intended for the preparation of quality food for broiler fattening in the ratio of 1.5% in the period from the beginning of fattening until the 35th day of rearing. In addition to an extremely balanced vitamin-mineral formula, it also contains a carefully selected coccidiostatic, in order to control the appearance of this parasitic disease. High growth and ideal food conversion are the main characteristics that this premix brings in production.

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