Manure spreader PRONAR NV161 series 1/2/3/4/5

Manure spreaders PRONAR NV161/1/2/3/4/5 series are designed for precise and uniform spreading of manure, peat or compost. Manure spreaders NV series are powerful, robust and rugged machines, the use of which provides an ideal and effective fertilization. They have the optimum capacity of 8.6 m3 to 14,4m3 what makes manure spreaders NV161 series, the perfect solution for both small and large farms.


Technical data  NV161/1  NV161/2  NV161/3  NV161/4  NV161/5
Permissible total weight: 10500 12300 14200 17200 19900 [kg]
Load capacity: 6750 8490 10240 12290 14650 [kg]
Empty weight: 3750 3810 3960 4910 5250 [kg]
Load volume: 9,1 10,7 11,8 13,1 14,9 [m 3]
Loading space: 6,7 7,5 [m2]
Loading height: 2250 2500 2430 2620 2610 [mm]
Dimensions: length/width/height: 7250/
Dimensions of the loading case: length/width/height: 4500/2000
Floor thickness: 4 [mm]
Wall thickness: 4 [mm]
Wheel track: 2050 2170 2300 [mm]
Suspension: Single axle, fixed
Hitch ring load: 2000 2500 3000 3000 4000 [kg]
Tyres: 18.4-34 18.4-38 23.1-26 650/65-30.5 650/65-30.5
Construction speed: 30 [km/h]
Minimum tractor power requirement: 70-80 75-90 80-100 100-115 120-130 [hp/kW]
PTO speed: 540 1000 [rpm]
Adapter type: vertical 2-beaters [ -]
Max. spreading width: 8-12 [ m]
Monocoque loading case
Single rigid suspension with rigid axle
Spreading adapter with 2 vertical beaters
Chain conveyor with two 14mm chains of high quality steel, with hydraulic drive and stepless speed regulation
Drawbar type: suspended to couple with lower or upper hitch of the tractor
Drawbar towing hitch: rotary with towing eye ø50mm
Drawbar support: telescopic mechanical straight leg
Control from tractor’s hydraulic distributor
Braking system: double line air
Single line greasing system of the adapter’s slide bearing
Crank hand brake
12V lighting system
Wheel chocks + galvanized racks (2 pcs.)
Folded ladder and access steps to the loading case
Double-component chemically hardened painting materials
Sidewalls, drawbar, axles and conveyor mechanizm colour: green RAL6010 PRONAR
Rear sliding wall, adapter, mudguards and front mesh colour: red RAL3000 PRONAR

Additional equipment

Additional equipment (optional)  NV161/1  NV161/2  NV161/3  NV161/4  NV161/5
Front protective mesh x x x x x
Braking system: single line air x x x x x
Braking system: hydraulic x x x x x
Drawbar towing hitch: fixed with towing eye ø45mm to couple with lower hitch of the tractor x
Drawbar towing hitch: fixed with towing eye ø40mm to couple with upper hitch of the tractor x x x
Drawbar towing hitch: fixed ball type K80mm x x x x x
Hydraulic rear shields ( possibility to chose the spreading side- external tractor’s hydraulic coupling required) x x x x x
Hydraulic guillotine slurry gate x x x x x
PTO shaft – 6 x 6 standard x x x x x
PTO shaft – 6 x 21 standard x x x x x
PTO shaft – 6 x 21 wide angle x x x x x
PTO shaft – 6 x 6 wide angle x x x x x
Spare wheel x x x x x
Steel mudguards x x x x x
Warning triangle x x x x x
Tyres: 750/65R26 x
Tyres: 650/75R32 – width exceeds 2550mm x