Trailer PRONAR T701HP

Trailer PRONAR T701HP with half-pipe type loading box was designed for specific requirements of clients from the construction industry. The trailer is characterized by a stable and universal construction with a tight loading box with a hydraulically opened rear tailgate. The trailer is equipped with a bogie suspension on parabolic springs with a 1600 mm wheelbase and a large tilting angle, which works well in difficult conditions. The chassis frame is also adapted for mounting the hydraulic drawbar with variable height adjustment. Trailer PRONAR T701HP was created for use in difficult terrain conditions, especially useful in the implementation of large road projects, in gravel pits for the transport of loose materials: gravel, sand, rocks, stones, or debris. The dumper works in a set with the tractor, perfectly replacing the traditionally used trucks. The trailer + tractor set are better at navigating difficult or marshy terrain. In addition, this combination offers clear benefits on the cost side in relation to trucks and tipping.


Technical data
Allowable total weight (technically): 25000 [kg]
Permissible total weight: 22000 [kg]
Load capacity: 19100 [kg]
Empty weight: 5900 [kg]
Load volume: 12,5 [m 3]
Loading case halfpipe
Loading case inside length: 5300 [mm]
Loading case inside width ( front/rear): 2250/2300 [mm]
Dimensions: length/width/height: 7570/2550/2840 [mm]
Load height: 24800 [mm]
Loading case inside height: 1250 [mm]
Floor/wall thickness: 6/6 [mm]
Wheel track: 1960 [mm]
Suspension: bogie (24t), parabolic springs
Hitch-ring load: 4000 [kg]
Tyres: 550/60-22,5
Maximum speed: 40 [km/h]
Tipping system: 1-side
Tipping cylinder (piston stroke/oil requirement/working pressure): 4670mm/41L/200bar
Tractor power requirement: 125/92 [hp/kW]
Tipping angle (backwards): 55 [˚]