PRONAR container KO 02

PRONAR container KO02 offers 7,4m3 of load volume and it is one of the four proposals. In combination with hook trailer this container is an excellent tool for work in construction, transport, agriculture and municipal services. Special reinforcements of walls have been adapted to work in hard conditions. Thanks to the increased thickness of components is very robust and is ideal for transporting rubble.


Permissible total weight: 12000 [kg]
Load capacity: 10560 [kg]
Empty weight: 1440 [kg]
Load volume: 7.4 [m 3]
Loading space: 10.92 [m 2]
Internal container lenght: 4560 [mm]
Internal container width: 2392 [mm]
Internal container height: 700 [mm]
Dimensions: length/width/height: 5004/2550/1562 [mm]
Floor/wall thickness: 6/4 [mm]
Platform height, measured from the ground: 296 [mm]
External distance between rollers: 2058 [mm]
External stringer’s track: 1060 [mm]
Distance of the container blockade to the hook handle: 3540 [mm]
Hook handle height: 1450 [mm]
Adapted to the hook winch type: T185

Standard equipment
Sidewalls made of C-profiles
One-wing tailgate opened downwards or to the right and swinging upwards
Chemically hardened painting materials, UV-resistant